Introducing the
one-step, two-factor authentication.

And the painless web forms.

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Use cipherwallet to store:

Credit cards

to be used for for fast, keyboard-less online payments

Personal information

like name, date of birth, even a photo!

Login credentials

rethink passwords and security tokens

Mailing addresses, phones, emails

to fill up those pesky online forms in a snap

Don't type sensitive information. Just scan a barcode.
How much easier can it get?

All that data stored in your cipherwallet mobile app comes to life when websites ask for it. If a website displays a QR code next to a form, just scan it with cipherwallet, and the fields on the form get magically filled up. Making signup, login, and online purchasing easier - that's what cipherwallet is about!

We're not a big data company.
That's good for your privacy.

All your private data is stored, in an encrypted form, only on your mobile device - NOT on our servers. You are permanently in control of where your data goes. The cipherwallet mobile app locks itself up after a few minutes of inactivity, and self-destroys after a few failed unlocking attempts.

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or install on your mobile device:

Oh, yeah, the mobile app is free. Like in, free-and-no-ads. Should we say that loud?

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Smooth onboarding >

  • Fast and secure data collection from new users
  • Boost your signup page completion rate
  • Integrate with your login service
  • Display a cipherwallet QR code, obtained from our API, on your signup web page
  • Instead of typing, users scan the QR code using the cipherwallet mobile app
  • The cipherwallet app gathers requested user data and transfers it to your website
  • The signup page gets auto-filled
  • The user finalizes the signup procedure by submitting the form data
  • cipherwallet login is already enabled for this user

Slick login >

  • Instant paswordless, keyboard-free login
  • Secure, out-of-band credentials transmission
  • No password means no phishing attacks
  • Maintain control of users' access
  • Display a cipherwallet QR code, obtained from our API, next to the login fields
  • Instead of username and password, the user scan the QR code using the cipherwallet mobile app
  • The cipherwallet app transfers user's credentials to your website
  • Your website authenticates the user and establishes their access
  • You keep full control of user's credentials and privileges

Frictionless checkout >

  • Collect credit card, billing and shipping info
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Buyers don't have to be signed up
  • Works with your current payment processor
  • Display a cipherwallet QR code, obtained from our API, on your checkout page
  • Instead of typing all the required info, the user scans the QR code with the cipherwallet mobile app
  • The cipherwallet app gathers requested user data and transfers it to your website
  • The payment form gets auto-filled with the data received
  • User finalizes the checkout procedure by submitting the form data
  • Does not affect the current integration with your payment processor



Yup. That's exactly $0. Otherwise said, free. You do the integration, test user adoption, and tune up your system without paying a dime.

  • 50 API requests per day
  • no registered user limit
  • originate from single IP address



Affordable pricing that gets you signup and login services. For websites with moderate traffic and a few hundred users.

  • 10 API requests per hour
  • 1000 registered users
  • signup and login services
  • no IP address limitations



Your users already love you. They made your website very well known, and they keep returning. You can offer them a little comfort.

  • 100 API requests per hour
  • 15,000 registered users
  • signup, login and checkout services
  • no IP address limitations

Pre-canned pricing tiers suck. The pricing samples above are just that - samples. They're only intended to give you a ballpark idea.
To get a quote that fits your traffic profile better, please contact us.

We privacy.
We your data.
We our systems.

We could require to have the cipherwallet users registered with us, and store their name, email, phone number, address, and who knows what else.

That is not our business model. We decided to transfer sensitive information directly between users and our customers, without peeking at the details of the transactions. The mobile app users don't to have a cipherwallet account.

We could store user's private information in our databases, and brag about how perfectly secure they are.

We think that keeping users in direct control of how their data is stored and where their data goes will to increase their confidence, and help with their sense of responsibility.

We could collect metadata information about users and websites, and create cross-statistics about users affinities and preferences, or about their shopping patterns.

We decided to stick with the services that we're good at, and refuse to think about users like rows in a spreadsheet, or colored pixels on stats charts. Users are NOT our product.

We could keep total secrecy regarding our operations, servers and backend tools, and postulate that there is no way we can have a security breach.

We are aware that cyber-attacks are rampant, therefore we periodically invite security specialists to audit our systems, and we offer bounties for white-hat hacker work.

We could throw a smoke screen over our terms of use and privacy policies, by writing them in a language that only a lawyer can understand.

We would like you to be fully aware of how we are using (or not using) your data, so that you can feel entirely safe using our products.